Room and Home Additions

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Room Additions in Monroe, GA

Often when people first buy a house they buy for what they need and can afford at that moment without giving thought to how their family might change and grow over time.

Room and Home Additions

We make the impossible, possible.

Let’s make your perfect home, fit your family.

Build an Additional Room or Convert an Existing

Commonly, homeowners fall in love with their neighborhood, they get to be friends with their neighbors, but over time their house no longer fits their family. When the kids start to get older a house might not seem as big as it did before. Or if elderly parents move in, space can become a premium.

Rather than look for a new house that better fits the growing needs of the family, many homeowners choose to add on. Sometimes additions mean building a new room or perhaps a suite or apartment. Sometimes adding-on simply means finishing out a basement or attic space.

If you have found that your home no longer fits the demands your family puts on it, then we would love to have the opportunity to work with you to give you the opportunity to stay in the home you love even when it no longer suits your needs.

Sometimes it may not be an addition but a complete home make-over that you are looking for. Maybe the space in your house still fits your family but the layout of the house isn’t right at all. AIP Contracting can handle any additions or renovations, regardless of size that will help you get more enjoyment out of your home and have a home that fits your life. Contact us today to get your room and home additions completed and make your home the perfect size.

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