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Anyone who has ever considered buying or selling a home understands that a few things can increase the value of a home, like an updated modern kitchen. While increasing the value of a home is always a benefit, our customers also find those kitchen renovations are the kind of makeover that can have a significant impact on their enjoyment of their home.

If you enjoy cooking or entertaining, improving the workflow of a kitchen to better suit your needs and is a great way to improve how your home functions for your family dramatically. Perhaps an island or more counter space would help you, or maybe you want your home to be more open so that while you’re preparing a meal you can still be part of family activities.

We are also a cabinetry contractor, so we can work with you to put custom cabinets in place – cabinets that meet your needs by bringing your utensils within reach. If you want to update your cabinets and backsplash to give your kitchen a new modern look, we can handle that.

When working with our customers, we like for them to keep several things in mind that will help them throughout the process of their kitchen remodel project.

Renovation Budgeting

There are a lot of different areas of the budget for your next kitchen renovation. These are not a hard-line rule, but will give you an idea of what goes into your remodel project. Here is the break down:

Your budget may be slightly different depending on your kitchen and what we are working on in your remodeling project. This represents a quick snapshot of what we recommend. Be sure to look at any kitchen renovation quote and make sure that you are budgeting the right amounts for the right reasons.

29% Cabinets and Hardware

22% Design and Install

16% Walls and Floors

14% Appliances

10% Counters

9% Electrical and Plumbing

Planning Is The Key to a Great Kitchen Remodel

You should take time with your kitchen remodeling contractor to plan and design out what you desire. We always find that having a good plan from the start will help custom kitchen renovation go much better. The best kitchen contractors will want to take the time to understand how you are going to use the space and know the flow of what happens around the kitchen on a regular basis. Most plans will need adjustments as the process goes forward, but our team believes that planning is one of the critical elements of a great modern kitchen remodel.

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